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Visual Trader Systems was set up in 1999 by BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles) to develop and operate order-routing systems and access solutions for financial entities.

The company boasts a young team of engineers and mathematicians who are experts in developing real time systems and programming algorithms with ultra-low latency. They are in constant contact with financial entities to ascertain their requirements and adapt to them. Thanks to their knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence, the company's team is its key asset.

The technological resources are focused in improving latencies and capacities. Visual Trader makes use of open-source libraries and tools to provide ultra-fast searching algorithms, HTML5 interfaces with permanent connections thought the Internet, binary protocols to interface the markets and high performance protocols for the internal communications. We make use of last generation hardware and operating systems with periodical updates.

Visual Trader Systems is currently Spain's leading platform. Using state-of-the art technology, it offers access to over 50 international markets and order-routing networks. With connections to hundreds of financial entities and brokers throughout the world to both send and receive orders, this platform is BME's response to ever-increasing globalisation.



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